A round pavilion designed for spas and round pools!

The main parts of the pavilion:

- a split construction made of reinforced aluminum profiles 30x50, which are externally coated with elox ("elox" - electro-chemical surface treatment) and filled with honeycomb polycarbonate sheets with matte shades.

The sheets on the inside are covered with a layer of NO DROP, which significantly reduces condensation in the form of drops. The segments are equipped with plastic wheels with stainless bearings and anti-pressure fasteners. Sealing between segments is provided by a light gray EPDM sealing profile.


- handles of the segments are usually black, made of UV-stabilized plastic.

- connecting materials and locking elements are made of aluminum and stainless steel.


Additional characteristics of the pavilion:

- the possibility of changing the filling material of the segment or the front of the pavilion: cast polycarbonate sheet.