With the pavilion, you will be able to use the pool without heating the water from April to October, regardless of adverse weather conditions.


Advantages of the pavilion:

  • Thanks to the pavilion, the pool can be used without water heating from April to October, regardless of adverse weather conditions.
  • On sunny days, simply leave the pavilion behind the pool and enjoy swimming under the open sky.
  • Reduces pool operating costs.
  • Easier pool maintenance.
  • Mechanical barrier against dirt (insects, leaves, etc.).
  • Improving the quality of water and reducing the consumption of chemicals for its purification.
  • Heat conservation of water.
  • Efficient use of solar energy for heating water.
  • Increased security.
  • Protection of children and animals from entering the pool.
  • Protection of the pool from bad weather conditions.
  • Prevents UV penetration, which is the main cause of skin cancer when swimming.
  • Low track level.
  • Only from us are the latest technologies for the production of pavilions for the pool.
  • Quality of materials.
  • Wide color range of polycarbonate sheets.
  • Proven manufacturing method and technology to guarantee long-term trouble-free operation.


Why do you choose F-TECH?


  • Our credo is pleasant and fruitful cooperation with you.
  • An individual approach to the client's needs.
  • We offer solutions specifically for your pool.
  • Free consultation and design.
  • A wide selection of pavilions for the pool.
  • Production of high-quality individual parts for pavilions.
  • Short delivery times.
  • The free warranty period for the pavilion has been extended to 3 years.