About Pavilions

Aluminum profiles with natural anodized surface (the highest-quality surface of aluminum profiles).These profiles were developed particularly for the purpose of construction of pool roofs and therefore they meet important requirements for stability of the whole construction. At the same time, they are relieved enough to allow the roof traveling to be as convenient as possible. We use five basic types of bearing profiles: 30x50, 40x50, 50x50, 70x50 and 90x50. Since May 1, 2008, 30x50 and 40x50 profiles (the most frequently used ones) have been innovated and after load tests, they are now firmer by 17 % than regularly used profiles

Polycarbonate Plates

For roof paneling, we use Makrolon polycarbonate plates. All plates are finished with a special coating preventing formation of drops – so-called NO-DROP finish.

Makrolon Multi UV Perforated Polycarbonate Plates

Makrolon perforated plates are an exceptional material for unbreakable thermal-insulation glazing, daylighting and roofing. They are finished with a coextruded coat protecting against UV radiation, which provides extraordinary resistance to aging due to climatic conditions, long durability, long-term preservation of optical characteristics and it also helps preserve high firmness and bearing capacity. The coat is applied to one side of the plates.

Thanks to high impact resistance, polycarbonate plates provide high safety, ruling out formation of splinters, and it also minimizes the possibility of damage during transportation and assembly.

Features of perforated polycarbonate plates:

  • extreme resistance to breaking
  • high resistance to weather effects
  • stability of physical and mechanical characteristics
  • within broad temperature range (-40°C to +115°C)
  • exceptional thermal-insulation characteristics
  • homogeneous surface, easy maintenance
  • very good light permeability

Makrolon Mono UV Full Polycarbonate Plates

The basic material used to manufacture these plates is a high-quality polycarbonate granulate produced by the company Bayer A.G. Thanks to high translucence, smooth surface and virtual unbreakableness, these plates are widely used in various branches of industry, both for interior and exterior applications.

The plates are finished with a double-side coextruded UV protection, which prevents deterioration of said exceptional characteristics, allowing the plates to keep them even at -100°C to +120°C.

Features of Full Polycarbonate Plates:

  • extreme resistance to breaking
  • very good light permeability
  • temperature range from -100°C to +120°C

Travel Tracks

Travel tracks are manufactured from aluminum alloy with natural anodized surface.

The number of rails of the travels tracks depends on the number of pool roof segments. The height of our travel tracks is only 18 mm, as opposed to other manufacturers

 Other Elements

Travel wheels with stainless-steel ball bearings and handles from stabilized plastics Connecting materials, security elements – all in aluminum and stainless steel.